Automobiles – TNT Filter Systems

For that worry free spot free finish that will keep you new car looking new and your show car the "Best of Show".

The TNT Filter Systems LLC Spot Free wash system is designed to remove all chemicals, metals and contaminants from your tap water. The system also allows you to the let the water air dry or sun dry without leaving spots or residue. On your show car the last thing you want to do is wash it with tap water. With the chemicals and metals in the water today no matter how well you shammy or towel dry your car there is no way you are able to completely dry the car. Even when cleaning your engine bay and you dry with compressed air there are still water left behind. The metals and chemical left will cause what is called electrolysis. This is the corrosion and pitting that is caused by dissimilar metals coming in contact with each other. With the TNT Spot Free system you can now wash your car worry free.